Packing Checklist - 'Cause Life's a Trip

Welcome to Packing Checklist! Whether you're packing for an overnight trip or a multi-month excursion, we have a packing checklist to help you plan and prepare for your travels.


Life’s a trip, right?

Every trip is unique, and so is every traveler, but we all ask the same question on our way out the door.  “What did I forget?”

Each downloadable and printable packing checklist on the site is provided to help you consider all the options and lower your chances of forgetting anything you might want or need on your trip.

What’s on a packing checklist?

Depending on the trip and your travel needs, the checklists, reviews, and discussions on this site include:

  • The necessities
  • Travel sized considerations
  • Destination considerations
  • Super cool or efficient travel items
  • Items you might not think about

Our Goal

Many of the packing checklists are thorough and comprehensive, created for very specific travel needs.  Others address only the basics and focus on traveling light.  Admittedly, some are also just plain fun.

Our goal is to provide a packing checklist for every occasion, whether you’re packing for a beach vacation, a ski trip, or your child’s first slumber party.

Whether you are a “list person” or not, with a packing checklist, you can plan, think, count, and review for your own peace of mind, or just enjoy a quick glimpse into the minds of the incredibly organized.  One of the lists might even inspire your next adventure!
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