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Motion Sickness Treatment Alternatives for Your Packing Checklist

Whether you’re travelling by car, train, air, or boat/ship, motion sickness can strike at any time. You may want to include motion sickness treatment on your packing checklist.

Motion sickness may pass quickly, or even cease when the motion stops, but what if it’s a long trip, and the motion sickness doesn’t go away?

Symptoms may include nausea, dizziness, or even vomiting or diarrhea.  Luckily, for you and your trip, there are actually several motion sickness treatment alternatives.

Motion Sickness Pressure Bands / Bracelets

Motion sickness wrist bands work by acupressure as a drug-free alternative to treat nausea.  Many prefer motion sickness wrist bands because they are reusable.

As a non-ingestible solution, there are no concerns about drowsiness or other side effects.  As such, the wrist bands are a good alternative for children and pregnant women.


If drugs are an option, the old standby,Dramamine (dimenhydrinate), and other brands of motion sickness medication such as Bonine (meclizine) or Benadryl (diphenhydramine) are available over the counter.  Pills (tablets or capsules), chewables, and patches are all conveniently available for your needs.  There are even motion sickness meds for dogs.

Be careful to follow manufacturer’s instructions regarding use and dosage as drowsiness is a common side effect.  Consult your doctor (or vet) for clinical advice.


Various forms of ginger root are commonly used to treat nausea and gastric issues.  If you prefer a natural motion sickness treatment alternative that is ingestible (rather than pressure bands), multiple ginger products are available including gum, candy, tea, or pills/capsules.

Other Motion Sickness Advice

If you know that you or a member of your party is prone to motion sickness, you may take precautions such as eating light before traveling and including saltine crackers on your packing checklist.  If the problem is more serious, you may want to purchase a pressure band, medication, or ginger product.  These products CAN also be used before the onset of symptoms.

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