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Waterproof First Aid Kit Packing Checklist

SCUBAWhy Waterproof?

Why would you want a waterproof first aid kit?  In addition to primitive campers, hikers, backpackers, and extreme outdoor sportsmen who need to keep gear safe from the weather, there are literally hundreds of water sports like kayaking, canoeing, and rafting that often take you on adventures in the middle of nowhere. 

These adventures are an absolute blast, but accidents can happen to beginners and experts alike.  A packing checklist for a waterproof first aid kit can help you stay safe on land and in the water.

Light Weight and CompactKayaking

For most outdoor and water sports, the first aid kit should be relatively light weight and compact.  If you’re in a large touring canoe or kayak, you might have room for a larger kit, but space is still limited.  More importantly, you don’t want to reach for an aspirin to find that it dissolved from all the water hours ago.

Keep your first aid kit packing checklist concise and pack only the items you might need.  Pack only the quantities you might need, and eliminate any items you can while maintaining a safe first aid kit.  …and put each item in dry-bags or tiny zip-lock baggies.  (Download the printable PDF version of the First Aid Kit, Waterproof Packing Checklist here.)

tinybaggiesYou can purchase dry-bags at most hunting, outdoors, or sporting goods stores.  Sealable baggies of multiple sizes are available in the jewelry section of your local hobby store.




First Aid Kit, Waterproof

  • Light weight container (Dry Bag or Dry Box)
  • Absorbent Compress dressing/gauze
  • Moleskin for blister treatment and prevention
  • Waterproof adhesive bandages (assorted sizes)
  • Chamois or compact swimmer’s towel
  • Blanket (super light and compact space blanket)
  • Over the counter medications in minimum quantities (use tiny jewelry baggies to pack single doses and eliminate bulky bottles)
    • Aspirin/Regular Strength Pain Medication/Anti-inflammatory painkillers
    • Antihistamine/Benadryl
    • Anti diarrhea medication
    • Etc.
  • Epinephrine auto injector (Epipen)
  • Antiseptic/Antibiotic Ointment
  • Individually wrapped antiseptic wipes
  • Compact section of duct tape

 For quick access to all the downloadable and printable pdf packing checklists, check out the Downloads page.